Wednesday, April 22, 2009


my dad sent this video to me and it's absolutely amazing!!!!!!!! i can't find any other words to describe it!!!!!!!!!

Absolutly Amazing Video>

Blackle Please!!!

OKay, I've been meaning to post about Blackle but I kept forgetting, and since it's Earth Day, I might as well post it now. Okay, as many of you probablly already know, ther is this new thing called It does the same thing as Google, infact, it's actually run by google, but the screen is black and it really helps save our earth. So, please use Blackle because if we all use it it can make a big difference!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Okay, we love the cuppycake song right? (especially you Oli) So I went online and found the origanal girl. She's adorable. Haha. Just thought you would all like to see this since we (aka- Oli) is always singing this song on the top of her lungs either in gym or down the hallway. hehe.



Okay, I was on Youtube and i got bored so i typed in the words "funny" and found this video which is kinda funny and mostly stupid and i want you to watch it.


I also saw this one and I was cracking up. fyi- i found out that "tierlieb" means "loving animals. haha.

This one's not even that funny but I garintey you will laugh.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cold Coffee

Me, Lauren (my sister), and Rachel (my cousin) decided to go to Dunkin Donuts. Rachel didn't have money so only m and Lauren where going to get coffee. We took the convertable (i was in shorts.....) and we went to Dunkin Donuts where we relized Lauren forgot her credit card so only I was going to get something. I got a small coffee colata with skim milk. Well, I got it and we where on our wayback and my hands got cold in the convertable with a cold coffee in my hands so i pulled my sweatshirt over my hands to hold my coffee when Lauren SLAMMED on the bracks and my coffee went flying. I screamed and when i looked down and there was a pile of brown ice on the car carpet (and it looked like a pile of turd!!!!!!!) hehe. but it got allllllllllll over my les and hands and I was freezing cold the rest of the way home. Just thought that was a funny story I should share.

I want to be a lawyer!

Okay. this all started in social studies. (thank you Mrs. Baer) And we where doing these trial things for Alexander The Great. I was a lawyer person to prove he was guilty. I really liked it and I think we did a very good. Then I REALLY liked the cross-examination. Then Marisa was absent and everyone wanted me to do the cross-examination for her, so i did, and people (again) think I did good. I think it would be really fun. And then yesterday I watched Legally Blond and it proved that an idiot (like me. haha.) can turn out to be a good lawyer. so that's what I wanna be when I grow up. I know it takes a lot of hard work to become a lawyer and it takes a lot of studying. But I'm willing to do that!!!!!


Bunny Rescue

check this out!!! my amazing bunny rescue!!!!!! I know you are all sooooo proud of me. haha. But I helped save an innocent bunnys life. "WHATS GANNA WORK? TEAM WORK! WHATS GANNA WORK? TEAM WORK!" hahahahaha. hope you enjoy the video.